*just then, an explosion rocks the castle*

What the hell?

*enters* Ah... it seems we made it just in time, eh Duece?

*follows the other man* Sure looks it, Jack.


Just as the prophecy told.

*looks at the Fireheart hanging over Sandor's head on a mantle* Perhaps you need an introduction. I am Duece Wilde.

And I am Jack Diamond. And we are two members of the...

Black Card Thieves Giuld!

And we are after your sword, Lord Sandor.

*draws sword* Over my dead body you are!

*draws sword* It is just you two? Come now.

Two is all we need.

And we are not the best of the six either. In fact, I heard the Queen say that we are the weakest, eh Jack?

But we are still strong enough to kick your ass and take the sword.

You two don't know who you're messing with do you?

*extends claws* Seems the little boys want to rassle.

Rhys, get ready.

*draws sword* Ready as ever.

*looks at Rhys' sword* The Nightshadow! Duece, he has the Nightshadow!

I see that. But first... the easy one. *looks over at the Fireheart*

I've got it. *runs over to it, jumps, grabs it, and makes it back before anyone even blinks*

Did you see that?

Sorry, I missed it.

And now, I will take the other one. *runs after Rhys' sword*

*tackles Jack to the ground and starts to slash him* I see you just fine.

*pushes her off and runs back to Duece* Seems speed won't be enough to get that one. *looks over at Duece* I think we can handle that.

*holds a card in his hand* Recognize these, young golden knight?

*eyes open wide* YOU'RE the thieves that stole dad's work!

Version 3 of his work. He can keep 2 and 1. *throws a card Stare* Megid!

*the card bursts into flames and hits Stare straight in the chest, knocking him backwards* Ooof...

Stare! *runs to him*

*shows a hand of 4 more cards* Care to press your luck again?

*runs after Duece* I'm willing to risk it! *yells and jumps into the air*

*throws a card* Legeon! *many ice shards shoot at William*

*slashes through the shards on his way down, then slashes Duece*

*falls to the ground* Ugh... Jack!

*grabs the Fireheart in both hands and starts to attack William*

*clashes swords with Jack* Is this the best you got? *continues to fight with Jack*

I've got your back! *helps William by attacking Jack*

*easily fends off both of them* You call this a fair fight?

*gets up* Is it my move yet? *holds 3 more cards in his hand*

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(Final Fantasy III - Boss)