*in the ancient tunnel, everybody walking*

Anybody got a light?

*holds up a card* Luminare! *a beam of light shines from it*

What haven't you got a card for?

Patience... and bubble gum.

Get ready guys.

*appear from the ground*

*slashes its head off* I thought you said ancient kings, not ancient ding-a-lings?

Even the king had to have guards.

This is just the beginning.

Somehow I have a bad feeling about this.

Just keep walking. The warp should be at the end of the tunnel.

No kidding.

*another one appears*

*kicks its head off and continues to walk* Well how far does this tunnel go?

About a mile in.

*appears from the ground*

*stomps in it while walking without even noticing it was there, killing it* So where exactly is this great danger?

I'd say just be happy that we haven't ran into any trouble yet.

*appears from the ground*

*appears from the ground and howls*

*takes a bone from the skeleton's leg and throws it behind the rest of the party, continues walking*

*falls to the ground*

*runs to fetch the bone*

*kicks the skeleton's head off* I kinda like this tunnel.

*after a while, and many skeletons later*

Ah, here we are. The warp is in front of us.

Looks like it hasn't been used for some time.

What do we do now?

It is password activated. Let me see if I can remember the password. *looks around* Well, here's the keypad. *thinks* I don't know it.

Well, try something.

Ok. Let me try... this. *pushes* 7-2-6-3-6-7

*computer* Invalid Entry. Security system activated.

Oh crap.

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(Castlevania - Wicked Child Remix)