You're alright.

You had us worried sugar.

Don't do that to me again!

Did we finally do it?

*the rain stops and the clouds go away, revealing a sunny sky*

It looks it.

Angela... I have a question.

What is it Mire?

Why did you try to talk to the Star of Algo?

What do you mean?

The being was trying to destroy us. But you... you saw something.

Well, to be honest with you, I didn't know what to expect. But, when I briefly had her power to use, I felt a warmth inside of me. I figured something so warm and gentle couldn't be bad. I think she just wanted to be remembered.

But she was ready to kill us Orakians.

She thought that evil would follow us here, being the products of an evil man ourselves.

But... why did she just stop?

*stands there still*

I think she realized that we'd protect things at all cost.

I thought for sure they would have killed her.

Why kill something...

Whose only real intention is to be remembered...

I guess a legacy is not much to ask for afterall.


*looks up* It is time Leene.


Everybody... we must be going.

Thank you everybody.


Dad... please don't leave us.

Rhys... you are able to take care of yourself. Just remember that your mother and I always love you.

Kyra... you have a strong will and a strong man. You will be just fine.

What do I do now?

Whatever you heart desires. *looks at everybody* The curse of evil will never leave us completely. As long as family sticks together through everything, there is nothing that can't be defeated.

And as long as you believe in each other... just as you all believed in me.

*disappears into a light and shoots for the sky* Remember to hang onto what you have. Because you never know when it will be gone.

*disappears into a light and shoots for the sky* Thank you for believing...

*looks up as they fly* Mom... dad... I love you.

Thank you dad and mom... I love you too.

*something falls from the sky and lands in front of Kyra*

What is it?

*picks it up* It is a necklace... with a tear-shaped pendant?

The Orakian Tear.

They hate to leave... but realize that their job has been done.

*takes out his sword and holds it up to the sky in a salute* To my parents... may your journey through the universe be pleasant and swift.

*puts on the necklace and starts to cry, which makes the pendant glow a soft blue* Come back safely.

*walks away from the group with a slight smile* The journey of my brother is finally over. From his days fighting SYCO, Tsarkon, the Non-Entity, FOWL, the Dark Entity, NEU, President NEU, Anja, the Death Dragons, Draco, and Lord Rulakir, he still managed to keep sight of himself. Even in times of death, he had to come back and finish his job. But... in death now he could finish his final job. And along with his love, he can finally rest easy. Ode to my brother, I write a new chapter in the Orakian Book for you.

When the World was in Peril
The Humans turned to an Orakian
And using powers of both friendship and courage
He continued to defeat evil and free the world.

When his quest was over
He left the mission to his children
To rise against the gathering forces of darkness
And once again smite evil.

The world, now free from terror
Has but many people to thank
But as long as memories last
We will never forget the sacrifices that were made.

Ode to my brother, who has shown me the light
And made me believe in my true power
And though I miss you a lot, I still see you often
Because when I look in the mirror, I see your face every day.















Copyright: 2006 Starbird Pictures

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