*Back in the Chief's office*

Well, I guess everthing is settled. But we are waiting for H9 and Z2.

*voice* Did someone call for me?

Ah, Zero, you have arrived. How is life at RPGC?

I am the Megaman X series Zero, Agent Z2, not the Zero that works at RPGC.

Where have you been, Zero?

Traffic was tough through the city.

Has Rune given you your special items?

Yes he has, he made my beam saber so that it can shoot the beam. And he gave me a Bowling Bomb.

Bowling Bomb?

When it hits its target, 16 pounds of gunpowder explode in the target's face. What did you get?

A Laser Blade and a Baseball Barrier, complete with flubber.

What about Tia?

Well, actually, she already got her electrowhip. I am still felling the shock of it.

That just leaves on thing.

What is that?

Where is Agent H9?

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(Mega Man X3 - Zero's Theme)