*Somewhere in the City of Paseo*

Well, we made it. *Look up at the tower* Wow! That is going to be hard to climb.

Yeah, I know.

Do any of you wonder who Mr. Shorty is?

I try not to think about it. So, what do we do here?

See that needle up top? That is their communication antenae. We first have to go up there and knock it down. That may take a while.

Not really. Watch. *Disappears in a blue blur, running up the side of the tower's wall, all the way to the top. At the top, he knocks down the Antenae, and runs back down.*

Well, that went well. I could have just shot it off.

You don't think I am not going to use my Magnet Shoes, do you?

Well, nevermind. Now they cannot get outside the city.

Now how do we get inside?

I was thinking of that. First, we distract the guard and make him believe that you are in labor. Then, while he is getting help, we sneak in, find Chang Who, defeat Mr. Shorty, and be back to HQ in time for a bottle of Moxie.

Good, but how about this? *Takes out the Bowling Bomb*. Paragraph 8, section 12 states to always make a loud noise. *Takes a bowling stance, and rolls the Bowling Bomb to the door.*


*Sirens sound*

10 O's. Not enought in a big boom.

Whatever. The door is open, lets go inside.

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