*The officers bring the 4 into the office of Mr. Shorty*

Hey, hey. Watch it with that gun.

*Officer* No.

If I only had my sword.

*Officer* But you don't, so there.

I think it is best to stay quiet.

Maybe so. But we have to bust out of here. Where is Tia and Sonic?

The officers already took them to see Mr. Shorty.

*Officer* Ok, you two. Inside. I sent the other 2 to prison.

*Walk inside the office*

*Officer* These are the other 2 that busted in, Mr. S. What should I do with them?

*Mr. Shorty, in the shadows* Take the red one to prison. I want to speak with the one in the yellow pants.

*Officer* Yes sir! *Escorts Zero to the prison*

So, what do you want me for?

*Mr. Shorty* I have something to tell you. Orakio...

What is it?

*Mr. Shorty turns around, revealing his face*

I am your brother.


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(Phantasy Star III - Rhys' Anger)