Ah, Zero. You escaped.

Yup, thanks to Sonic's Magnet Shoes.

Whoa, dude. Who is that guy who looks like you?

My brother, Rulakir. He is, or should I say, was, Mr. Shorty. I had to kill him.

Your own brother. I would never do that.

Well, either way, lets get back to HQ.

*Back at HQ*

Well, you did a good job, Orakio. Sorry about your brother, but SYCO is no more. Chang is safely back home, since Mr. Shorty is dead now, and we got rid of the SYCO HQ.

Actually, Vegeta did most of it.

Yeah, how?

Well, after he blew up the top floor, he decided that it wasn't enough just to get one floor. I mean, why just blow up one floor when you can have the whole building. So he blew it up.

Well, Vegeta has never been one to leave things standing.

I have to thank Trunks, or I would have been like that building. But, I also have to thank my trusty sword. *Takes out sword.* I just held my sword like this.. *Holds blade towards the Chief.*

Point that elsewhere, not at me.

*Points it upwards* Relax Chief. It is out of lasers. *Presses butt of the handle. A laser shoots out and towards the ceiling. A lamp then again, falls on the Chief's head.*

Ouch! Orakio!

Eh, sorry about that Chief.

*And thus ends episode 1, of Get Wise.*

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