*Just then, another hole is made when a 1982 black and red Custom GMC van crashes into it.*

Mr. T!

I said I would come back. Now, where is the sucka who been causing trouble?

Already dead, but we have bigger trouble. You see that woman over that? *Points at Erim*

I see the foo', but I won't hurt no lady.

I thought not. Mr. T is a whimp! Hahahahahaha... huh? *Is punched through a brick wall by Mr. T*

No lady would talk to Mr. T that way. She must not be a lady.

Ugh. I will be back, and then you will feel our power. *Disappears*

Where did that foo' go? I swear I will knock her inta next week when I see her again.

Thanks Mr. T.

Yeah whatever. I came by to deliever some more milk. Them milk is good.

Just take it to the Chief.

Ok, sucka. *Walks off carrying a box full of milk*

It wouldn't fail that Mr. T would come to save the day.

I would love to have the kind of power he has. But, I guess that comes with more and more training.

Probably. But lets get back to the Chief.

*Back at HQ, Orakio notices about 30 cans of air freshener on the Chiefs' desk.*

Another Shoeman die, sir?

SHUT UP! I have used up about 25 cans of spray so far. How do my shoes smell now? *Lifts one up to Orakio*

*Takes one whiff and tears start to form in eyes* Very... ugh... nice chief.

You think so?

Do us all a favor. Keep on the shoes until we have another SYCO invasion.

Why wait until an invasion?

Well chief, with a weapon like your feet, there is no way SYCO can defeat us. Heck, Rulakir is not even that strong.

Ah, shut up. Gee, you sell shoes for 20 years, and use the same pair of socks and underwear for 20 years and this is the respect I get? What luck. I got lumpy water and this is my best control agent. Who could ask for anything more?... I could.

*And thus ends another episode of Get Wise*

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