*Back at HQ*

Well Chief, we got rid of SYCO yet again.

And you handled it the same way I would have.

Fight a while, the take and use the Shoe Bomb?

Something like that.

Well, we always knew your feet are the worst part of your body.

That is nothing. You should see my underwear.

... I would rather not.

Man, Kurt Angle turned out to be quite a good catch.

It's true, it's true.

Mimicing him again?


Well, at least him and Mr. T are on the same page. Imagine what would happen if we gave Mr. T some of that Go T Milk.

A power that is far too great for our own eyes to see. But it is a little too late, since nothing can compare to the power of the Shoe Bomb.

Yeah, I guess so. Hey, I heard that Kirby is alive.

Yes, and he ate up all of Rune's Flubber. I had no item of Flubber today. *sobs*

Ah, that is ok. Besides, Kirby never listened to me?

How come?

I dunno. I don't blame him though, nobody does, I'm an idiot.

Now that ain't true. Kurt, what do you think?

It's true. Oh it's true.

Gee, thanks a lot Kurt. *mumbles* I would send him back to the WWF if he wasn't so good.

*And again, thus ends another episode of Get Wise*

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