We all are.

Oh. Well then. You are all under arrest!

I think not. *Flares up energy*

Only a fool would try to arrest us. *Flares up energy*

Get ready to die, Control. *Would like to Flare up energy, but cannot*

Well, chief, we have found the double agents.

Yeah, who?

All of them.

Oh great. And all of our men are on their half time break. And we cannot resume for another 15 minutes.

Oh great. Who do we have left?


Hey, Crono! You think you can take out Magus?


That is good to hear. Go get him.


Now who else?

What am I missing?

Good. Chaz, attack Vegeta.

*Looks at Vegeta* You have got to be kidding. Do I look that dumb?

Do you really want me to answer that?

Ok, so I am. But at least let me have some backup. Alis, Odin, Lutz, Rika!

I will avenge my brother's death.

Haven't you already?


I, Odin have arrived.

... Which one should I use?

Use both.


I, Lutz, will save Algo.

Hey, I am the newer Lutz.

Who should I use?


Ok, Chaz. Lets rock!

And I guess it is me and Rulakir.

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Final Bosses)