*Back at Control HQ*

How much damage has been done, Chief?

I think the only thing that the Double Agent took from us was our plans for Project Motavia.

What is Project Motavia?

Nobody knows, it hasn't been made yet. The plan they took just had the name of the project.

So there was no real damage?

Well, besides the fact that my team beat yours.

After you injured all of mine, all I had were the 3 Double Agents, and Kurt Angle. And he did get our only 2 points.

Stupid Sabin. He waits to throw the ball while in the end zone and Kurt takes and tackles him for the safety. Oh well, an 84-2 victory is still good.

How about we switch teams next time?

Yeah right. I have lost my will to live, why lose a football game?

Good point. And by the way, did you ever see that cyborg that they were talking about?

No I haven't. I suspect that it was just something that the Double Agents used to grab our attention.

Well, at least we can get back to what we call normal... whatever that is around here.

Amen to that.

And thus ends another exciting episode of Get Wise.

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Saith)