*Control is in the Holiday Spirit, decorating for the season*

Ah, I love Christmas. It give me a chance to get away from the family *hang up the garlin*

I thought Christmas was the time for you to get with the family.

You haven't been paying attention in the last 4 episodes, have you?

I guess not. We going out for the tree, or not, X?

Hang on, I want Orakio to go with you.

C'mon Chief. Orakio always picks the Charlie Brown type trees.

That is why I want him to go. It saves us on money.


Has anybody ever called you Scrooge?

Lets see *stands there for about 5 minutes* My family, my friends, or what used to be my friends, and my employees.

Where is Orakio anyways?

Hanging up the miscletoe.

Why do you think he is doing that?

You reploids have no idea what Orak is trying to do?




*hangs up the miscletoe over an overhang* There, this is the perfect spot for it.

I don't think this will work, Orak.

Why wouldn't it? Here comes my first test. *Stands under the miscletoe*

*walks by*

Hey Selan. Look what I am standing under.

*looks up*... so?

You know what this means?

*gasp* You freak! *slaps Orak across the face and walks away*

Told you it wouldn't work.

*sigh* Times are tough.

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(Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer)