So Orak, what has been going on?

Well, not much actually. Defeating SYCO numberous times while having fun in the process. Nothing special. You?

Same ol' stuff.



Man, I wonder how Control is doing right now?

Control? Oh yes, that group you work for.

*just then, The A-Team Van crashes through the wall and out comes Mr. T*

Damn. That is the 3rd time this month that the van done busted the building.

Hey Mr. T.

What you doin' here, Orak? Why aren't you in Control?

RPGClassics invited me for christmas. Why aren't you at Control?

I am moonlightin' *grab's Orakio's shirt and lifts him up* You'd better not tell no chief about this either, ya foo'. Or someone I know is gonna be moonlightin' when they are thrown to the moon.

I take it you are not getting enough money from your 1-800-COLLECT commercials.

Those sucka's who dial that save money, but the money goes to company pocket, and not to mine.

Did I hear right, or did you say that you were moonlighting, Mr. T?

Yeah, you got a problem wit' that, blue foo'? *stares at Macc*

...not anymore.

Thought not. *alarm on gold watch goes off* Oops. Time for my milk break. I only get 24 of them in a day you know.

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(Lunar: The Silver Star - Saith)