*after about 30 minute of screaming in pain, Rulakir finally gets up*

You think you have won?

Maybe not, but at least we won't have to worry about any more Rulakirs running around.

Maybe then it is time to show you my new tech. The best one I have. *charges up a large ammount of energy in his hands.*

Oh crap. Note to self. Never give a man a shot in the pills. It just ain't cricket.

I believe it is all over for us. *psst* Orak, DO SOMETHING! Perhaps a counter attack or something.

*just then, help arrives*



Take this! *tosses Orakio a shield*

What is it?

I made myself a Mirror Shield. This one, though, will absorb his techs.

Thanks. *holds up the shield* C'mon, Rulakir!

DARK LEGEON! *fires many large blasts of Dark power*


*makes a run for it*

*keeps running in circles*

*hold the shield. The Dark Legeon spell heads for the shield and is absorbed in it. The mirror on the shield turns black.*

How did you do that?

Mirror Shield.

Well, it looks like that is THE best Rulakir can do. That is Rulakir's best attack right there, and Orakio stopped it!

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(Final Fantasy VII - Weapon Emerges)