Well, that was surely interseting.

Rune, how did you find me?

The chief told me.

He doesn't even know WHERE this place is.

Ok. I typed rpgclassics.com into my computer and I arrived here.

That would explain it. How is your head, Merl?

Sore. You'd think I would remember to wear my helmet. Who dropped that Piano on me anyways? *looks at SG*

Eep. *runs away*

Come back here *runs after SG with a Deku Stick*

Think he'll catch SG, Orak?


What I am wondering is who is going to clean this up?

You mean you don't know?

Oh right. Ultros!

What now?

Clean the site up.

Why should I?

Must I remind you of the contract? Now take this mop, broom, scrub pail, and dust pan and get to work!

Alright, geez. *takes the items and goes to work cleaning*

Hey Sin.


What made you decide to hit Rulakir?

I wanted some action you know. You know me, I cannot sit down and watch the site be destroyed.

Good point.

Of course he has a good point.

Chief! What are you doing here?

You cannot end the show without me showing up, can you?

I suppose not.

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