*Get Wise: A story about a man and his brother who won't die.*

I have come far and wide to finally reach the councel of Skyhaven. Now, I seek infinate wisdom. What can you tell me?


I asked if you could let me in on your infinate wisdom.


Do you have a hearing problem old man?

Do you know what my watch is saying?

You have a talking watch? Cool, can I see it?

My watch is saying that it is time you find the real councelmen of Skyhaven and stop messin' around with Stone Cold's business.

...Right. C'mon. What is it really saying?

It is saying that if you don't leave, Stone Cold is going to give you a Stunner, with some stink on it?

I don't know about you, but something that stinks to me is enough to stun me.

You are really starting to...

Nevermind. I'll leave, but I am NOT paying you.


Don't make me call out the Rock


Phhh. Fine. I am leaving. *walks out*

*looks at his watch* Do you think we fooled him?

Watch: I think so, Stone Cold.

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(Phantasy Star III - Skyhaven)