*back at the top*

How did you get back here?

I had a little help from my apprentace.

Whassup Wily?

AH! A talking Squid. A nice idea for a robot of mine.

Ackbar, free Zero, X, and Rock and take them back to HQ. Tell the Chief that I will meet up with him later.

Aye Aye, captain! *runs off*

As weak as you are, you have no chance against me.

Maybe not, but I can sure try.

Then, allow me to finish you off *jumps into the machine*

And allow me to show you the power of a Shining Knight.

Just try it.

What is that aura?

The power of a Shining Knight.

You can't have that much, power, I just drained you!

Maybe, but not quite. MEGID! *casts Megid on the machine*

*is destroyed due to the strength of the spell*

Now, what will it be, Wily?

Allow me to show you what I did with your power. *transforms into a beast as the room goes black*



Am I not suppost to pay attention to the man behind the curtain, just like in Megaman 2?

*casts Megid on Orak*

*is hit by flames, but does little damage*

Is that suppost to impress me?

Yes it should, and allow me to demonstrate. *reaches for his sword*

Uh oh.

*reverts back to normal form.*

Ha! Who is laughing now?

Please stop. I beg of you, stop.

Kiss my feet.

*kisses Orak's feet*

Now we will take you back and you can kiss the chief's feet.

Oh dear lord kill me now so that I don't have to suffer.

How about giving me my powers back?

That I cannot do. When you destroyed the machine, a lot of the power was scattered over the universe. And after you defeated me, the power I had left.

You mean?

You are stuck with the armor.

Either way. *captures Wily and takes him to HQ* you are going to kiss the chief's feet.


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(Mega Man II - Boss)