*just then, an explosion occurs in the HQ*

What was that?

It doesn't take an evil genius to figure it out.

*appears from a hole in the wall* No, it takes 2.

Damn, I was afraid of this.

*holds up the shard* Looking for this?

Give it back!



*gets out his sword* I am serious. Give it back!

Are you kidding? With this type of power, I can control an army of mechanical robots.

Ever hear the phrase "Vay will get you"?

The phrase is "I will get you"

*blasts through the wall*

No, it is "Vay will get you"

Oh damn. I almost forgot.

What is it?

A Ravenger from my Vay Shrine. Wily must have stolen it.

What is the big deal?

Nothing with a Ravenger, but this means that Wily has control over the robots there.

What do you have control over?


What is that?

The Retardotaur.

That ain't nice.

No really, that is its name. Now, go get him, Retardotaur!

*stops licking his Axe long enough to attack*

*blasts the Retardotaur to ashes*

That just goes to show you. Never leave a Minotaur to do a man's work.

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(Shining Force III - Julian's Theme)