*a few days later*

Well thank God we got our HQ back.

I know. Now we can go back and have fun like we usually do.

I wonder if the other's are still in the Island Cave?

*in a cave on an unknown island*

That chief sure knows how to pick an isolated spot, right Crono?


I thought so. Now, HOW DO WE GET OUT OF HERE?

Hahahaha. You will never know.

AHHHHHH! *runs away*

... *runs as well*

*back at HQ*

Well, I guess this is goodbye for now.

Why? You helped us out in so many ways.

I am King of Lorath. They need me.

I guess so, but we need you as well. At least stay until we find the rest of my shards.

Shards? Oh yes. Speaking of that, come by Lorath and I might be able to help you. A strange rock crashed on our castle a while back and I have been wondering what it was.

I'll go with you right now. I need it. This armor is hard to wash by hand you know.

Alrighty then. *walks off*

Leaving, Orak?

Going to find some Shards. I have my boot phone if you need me. *walks off*

Just make sure you have the right boot.

And thus end another exciting episode of Get Wise. Tune in next time, same Orak Time. Same Orak Subsite. Same Orak Hideout. Click here to return to the main page.

(Vay - Lorath Castle)