*Somewhere in the land of Lorath*

Not too long ago, this shard crash landed in Lorath. It had a wierd glow to it.

That is one of my shards alright. *grabs the shard*

Now that you have 2 shards, where do you think the other 5 are?

I have no idea. If only there was something like the Dragon Ball detector in the Dragon Ball series.

So do I... What is Dragon Ball?


*just then, a ringing is heard*

Uh, Orak, I think your shoe is ringing.

You mean my boot?

Ah, whatever it is called.

*takes off his boot* This time I have the right boot. *turns the boot on* Hello?

Orak! I finally reached you.


I've tried to reach Lorath communications, but they don't exsist.

Lorath doesn't have any telephone communications.

Figures. What do you need, Chief?

I have somebody here who says that he can help you find the remaining 5 shards.

Well send him over!

Perhaps you should come here. This is going to require more than one of you. *hangs up*

What did he want?

Somebody said that they can help me find the remaining shards. But I need to return to the HQ because evidently it requires more than 1 person.

... Well, good luck to ya.

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