*inside the Control HQ*

Welcome back, Orak. Long time no see.

It has been a while, has it not Rune?

Longer than I care for.

What have you got for us?

Well, first off, I have here an item inspired to me by Link. This will help you while climbing the mountains. *gives the item to Orakio*

Great! *stares at the item* What is it?

It is known as a Hookshot. With it, you can pull yourself up to high ledges without actually climbing.

*walks in* Hey Rune!

Crys! I haven't seen you since you were a kid. How are you doing?

Kid? I am still a kid by any means. I am only 13. But I am doing well.

How is your father?

He died not too long after you last seen us.

Oh yes, I remember now. Yes, that was some time ago.

Your father died young too?

Pretty much. I was about 2 when he died.

Well, I was about 6 when mine died. He took care of me and Rulakir when mom died.

My mother is still living. She didn't want me to join control at such a young age, but I felt like I had to do something.

Anyways Crys, do you remember the funeral?


Well, I was there. I remember reading his will. It told me that when you decided to fight the forces of Evil, that I were to give you this. *reaches for a long sword and hands it to Crys*

*takes the sword* This was his sword?

My father gave me my sword as well. I am just glad that Ackbar didn't keep it.

His sword is called the Langrisser. Unlike your blade, Orak, his blade was the brightest white.

You know you could do a better job of naming the sword. Langrisser is so Warsong-ish.

Uh... Langrisser is the Warsong.

Details, details.

Langrisser is fine. What is the name of your sword?

Orakio's Sword. Got a problem with that?

...No... *laughs out loud*

*thwacks Crys over the top of the head with the blunt end of his sword*

Ouch! *falls over*

Was that trip really nessicary?

He didn't trip, he fell. *waits a bit* So what else you have?

Not right now. I do have a high powered, semi-automatic, neumatic rocket launcher, but Lunaris is still testing it.

*from a distance* OH YEAH!!! *an loud explosion is then heard*

Leave it to Lun to test out a rocket launcher. Ready guys?

*gets up* Yeah, I'm ready.

I am.

As am I.

Lets do it.

Let's rock.


You going with us, Chief?

No, I just like saying "Let's rock."


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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Ice Continent)