*as Orakio removes his armor, he feels his power leave him*

*kneels* Gah!

I told you not to remove it.

Hahahahahaha! Now that you have removed your armor, I will take the shards for myself.

I knew that you wouldn't play fair. *collapses and drops the shards*

Now, suprime power will be mine! *reaches for the shards*

*dropkicks Rulakir on top of the head* You will not touch the shards.

*looks towards Crys* Who are you?

Rulakir, I am your brother.

A little Darth there? You may be blood, but can you fight like us? *draws his sword*

*draws his sword* I might surprise you.

You have the Langrisser. I see that father didn't want to give it to me, so he gives it to his youngest son. I want that sword.

You shall not have it. I am ready to defeat you.

Whatever. *shoots a bolt of lightning at Crys*

*slashes the bolt with his sword. The bolt returns to Rulakir.*

*gets hit by the bolt* Gah! I didn't know that you had a bit of Link in you as well.

And I ain't even using the Master Sword. If you want, I can use a jar.

That's quite alright. *casts Megid on Crys*

Poe Sword! *jumps in the air, avoiding Megid, and slashes Rulakir on the way down.*

You are fast. Just too bad that you are not a Super Orakian.

Why is that? 1/2 human is doing good.

You cannot cast magic, can you?

*lifts his arm and holds it towards Rulakir.* You wanna test me?

Sure thing. *lifts his arm and holds it towards Crys*

Oh crap.

*gets up* Ok, you have done enough. Back off for a bit.

Stay down Orak.

I must *collapses* fight.


*hands Crys the Hookshot* Time for a little Smash Brothers here.

What is that?

*takes the Hookshot and fires it at Rulakir*

*is dragged near Crys by the chain* What are you doing.

*picks up Rulakir and punts him*

*is sent flying through the roof. He drops the 4 shards on the way up* I'll get you next time!

It's up! It's GOOOOOOD!

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(Super Hangon - Winning Run)