Laya, you alright?

I would be if my grip wasn't slipping.

*Grabs onto Laya's hand* I am not going to let you die.

Did you notice that the shaking stopped?

What does it mean?

The secret of Katahdin is not the Volcano. It is what is controlling the Volcano.

Lets get up to the top.

*again, the earth shakes*

*looks at Orakio*

*looks at Laya*

Goodbye, my love. *her hands slips away from Orakio and she falls into the pit of Lava, holding the book in her hand*

Laya, NO!

*back at reality*

So that is what is wrong. You let her die.

This all happened before I lost my powers to Dr. Wily. I should have flown out.

So you feel that Laya is attacking your dreams? Wanting revenge for not saving her?

Yes, that is exactly what I am feeling.

Laya's last words were "Goodbye, my love?"

We weren't going out long. A week or so.

But if she said that, then she knew that she was going to die.

So you don't think she is attacking my dreams.

I think something deeper is attacking your dreams, but we will not know for quite a while.


Do you feel any better?

A bit. I want revenge on Vegeta for doing this to me.

Why did he attack you again?

He feels threatened because the Orakian race is more rare and can achive more power than the Saiyans. He tried to kill Rulakir once or twice before, but Rulakir managed to always come out on top.

*walks into the scene* Orakio, are you feeling any better?

Enough to go kick Vegeta's tail.

He was feeling upset because he let a friend of his die right before his eyes.

I just got word that SYCO made Mt. Katahdin their new hideout. They discovered a Volcano control panel within and are planning to destroy the world with the volcano.

I want to end this right now. I am tired of fighting. I am going to give you one last show.


This time, it's personal.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Her Last Breath)