*gets up*

What happened to you?

I have merged with the shard. My armor took the color of the shard as well. There is now only one thing missing.

What is that?

I must have your Langrisser.

Why do you need that?

I need to merge these swords into one again.

But that means that I will not be able to fight.

I can handle this myself. Now hand me the sword.

*looks into Orakio's eyes* I guess you are right. *hands Orakio the sword*.

*chants something in Orakian and the two swords glow. The swords merge and the end result is a gold colored sword*

What just happened?

According to ancient Orakian history, the two swords merged is called the Orakian Sword.

How do you know all of this?

Lucky guess.


Is everything all set now?

How did you get out from under the Piano?

Go T! milk. Never leave the fridge without it.

Listen Merl. I am going in alone.

You moron. I wouldn't do it.

There are a lot of things you won't do, like take Piano lessons.


Nevermind. Get Goku's group and head back to Control.

What are you, some Kamikaze type person?

At least he isn't a watermelon.

None of that Kamikaze Watermelon stuff here.

*a watermelon flies and hits Crys in the head*

*points and laughs at Crys*

I would rather have a Kamikaze Piano.

*a piano falls on top of Merlin... again*


You should really have a shirt that says "Caution, falling Pianos"

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(Warsong - Battle 1)