*voice* Welcome to my volcanic lair.

Dr. Evil?

No, Dr. Mad! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Oh man.

I am the new Mr. Shorty. Now give me that cat!


Well, if you won't give me that cat, then I will have to take him from you. *opens his belt buckle and unleashes a huge punching glove upon Orakio*

*quickly dodges the attack* Is that the best you've got?

Oh no. Not even finished yet. *snaps his fingers*

*the lights in the room go out*

Remind you of something?

It does, but you'll have to do better than that.

You have overcome my Ghoul and Blue Dragon, now face your past.


You can't toy with me. I know that this is just an illusion.

*readies her bow and fires an arrow at Orakio*

*catches the arrow in midflight*


Gah! You managed to overcome your past.

And now *draws out the Orakian Sword* I shall overcome you.

Not if you want your hostage alive.

No! No!

Oh behave. Can't you play fair for once.

No. Now, do as I say.

What do you want?

Put down your sword.

*puts down his sword*

Now, hand me the shard.

I am fused with it. I no longer have it.

Don't toy with me, buster!

As a matter of fact... *winks at Austin*

Right. *moves towards a corner*


Orakian Bomb! *glows a bright red and then runs into and through Dr. Mad.

NOOOOOOOO!!!! *colapses*

*picks up his sword* Now, where were we?

Yeah baby! Yeah.

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(Final Fantasy VII - Jenova Absolute)