Yeah, why?

I have a friend who might be able to help out.


Did somebody call for a pit?


Yes it is me. I have many pits. The Pit of Janet Reno Porn, the Arm Pit, you name it, I have the pit.

How is he suppost to help us?

984, do you have a Lava Pit?

Lava pit? Lava Pit. I think I have it.

Did 3 people come into the pit as of late?

I believe so. Do you want me to bring them back?


I can only bring back 2. Let me ask them who wants to return.

*inside the lava pit*

Who here wants to go back to life on the fantasy world.

I do.

So do I.

Me too!

I can only take back 2.


Orakio, you and Laya go.


Many people have not forgiven me on the fantasy world. And besides, you two make a nice couple.

So it is settled then, Orakio and Laya go back while Rulakir stays.


Alright then.

*back in the fantasy world*


Orakio and Laya wish to return. But in return, I have to take away their powers.


It is the only way to break the Pit Barrier.

What about Rulakir?

He wishes to stay, as he feels that no one would forgive him here.

Well then, start sending.

*snaps his fingers*



Am I really back?

Yes, you are.

Is SYCO finished?


Now there remains one thing.

What is that?

What will Vegeta do when he realizes that Meseta is useless in this world.

He won't bother. Mr. T made Vegeta give him the Meseta to make a new necklace.

1 billion Meseta for a necklace.

Would you spend 1 billion Meseta for a necklace for me?

Of course, baby.


The end... or is it?

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