I promised that this place will be done by Christmas so that I can play Santa Claus again.

So you want us to hurry?

Yes. Or else... *gets out his Binford 6100 Nailgun*

A Nailgun?

Not anymore. I souped up this bad boy so that it will fire 360 nails per minute. *grunts*

Oh no.

Whad do you want us to start on?

Hmm. I don't know. Weiila! Where are my blueprints?

*hands over the blueprints* Here you go Tim.

Thank you Hiedi, I mean Weiila.

*takes our her whip and cracks it* Don't call me Hiedi again.

Oh yeah? *gets out a Binford 6100 Flamethrower*

Eep. *flies off*

Ah, it's good to be the chief. *looks at the blueprints* Uh... hmm. Start from the roof and work your way down.

*turns the blueprints around*

Ah. Start from the floor and work up.

*to himself* How come we never have a chief who has some brains?

Ok guys, get to work!

*a few hours later*

Yo foo', do you know what time it is?

Tool Time of course.

No you foo', it is time for a milk break. *goes off to get some milk*

*walks in late* Am I late?

Yeah you blue foo'. You've missed a lot of work.

Then I am right on time. *stares at Mr. T for a minute* Why aren't you at my HQ?

Because Control give me Oakhurst Milk.

Ah. *takes out checklist and writes down "Get Oakhurst Milk" right below "Contract Orakio"*

*runs in* Am I late?


Master Orakio!!! *runs over to Orakio*

What is this about?

I help him with one shrine and he's at my service. I should help out more often ^_^.

What can I do, Master?

I'll take over. First off, you can start by testing out my Nailgun.

Isn't that Lun's job?

Nah, Lunaris is testing out my Flamethrower.

*from a distance* Oh yeh!!! Dis Flamtrower r teh r0x0rz!!! *continues to test it*

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