*just then, a dark cloud hovers above RPGC*

Heh, a Dark Cloud is hovering above us.

Whoa. I've never seen a cloud that dark.

*a laughter is heard from a distance*

Oh no, that laughter sounds familiar.

*gets out his sword* Let's kill it!

*lighting comes from the cloud and hits Rirse*

Bah. At least I got my wish. *dies*

Oh my gosh, you killed Rirse!

I have a funny feeling about this.

*a female voice screams from a great distance*

What was that?

*runs in* Merlin, Orakio! That dark cloud!

What happen?

It's Ghaleon!

Oh crap. *runs to find Ghaleon*

Hey, wait up! *follows Orakio*

You gonna be alright?

I think so, but Ghaleon had that evil look in his eyes.

*somewhere else in RPGC*


Well Orakian, you've come a bit too late.

Orakio! Help!


I've got your precious Dragon Girl and your other women as well.

Orak. You have to help us.

*stands behind Ghaleon*

What are you trying to do, Ghaleon?

It's very simple. You give me the book, I give you the girls.

Don't do it Orak!

*sigh* If I give you the book, will you promise to let them go?

You have my word on it, Orakian.

Don't believe him Orak!

*cuffs Dragonessa*

Ow! ;_;

Yo, leave them alone.

You want them bad enough? Bring the book to my palace. *disappears with the rest of the girls*

Am I late?

Just a bit... wait a second. I didn't see Laya or Faetan with them.

Oh crap.

Indeed. *runs back*

Won't you ever wait up? *follows Orakio*

*back at the workzone*

Merlin! What are you waiting for? Help me!

I would if Ghaleon hadn't of summoned that damn piano.

Why are you doing this?

All of this would be avoided if the Orakian would just give me the book.


Why kidnap my secretary?

All women involved shall be taken. And besides, I need someone who is good at shorthand.

*arrives* You fiend you!

My you are a fast one, Orakian. Too bad you are not fast enough for the Magic Emperor.

You'll never get away with this, Ghaleon.

I have already gotten away with it. You have 24 hours to deliever the book. After that, I cannot be held responsible for what happens to your precious women. *disappears with the women*


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(Lufia 2 - Destroyed Town)