*at the base of the Grindery and Ghaleon's Palace*

Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling about this?

*just then, the floor starts to shake and something big comes walking in*

*walks in*

Holy crap. What is that thing?

One big pile of bones by the looks of it.

This thing is the Black Dragon.

I saw this thing one time at a local museum.

Yeah, but did it have wings?

And I thought Dark Force was bad.

And I thought that Dark Force was old. This thing is so old that it has worn down to nothing but skin and bone.

More like just bone.

Bah, it is no match for Crotanks, master of apprentace shrining.

Boy, you pick up Orakio's ego quick enough.

Can we kill it now?

*arms his Flamethrower* Oh yeah! *grunts*

*Slowly walks up to Orakio.*

*slashes the Black Dragon with his Beam Saber*

*slashes with his sword*

*Slashes the Black Dragon with the Orakian Sword, given to him by Orakio*

*Slashes the Black Dragon with some sword which no one knows about*

*doesn't slash at all, but breaths flames on the Black Dragon*

*does some crazy thing as an attack*

*casts Megid on the Black Dragon*

*casts Legeon on the Black Dragon*

*casts something on the Black Dragon*

*shoots the Black Dragon with the Flamethrower*

*stands back and cheers*

*absorbs most of the attacks*

You know, I just had a thought.

What is that?

Maybe being a dragon, he is immune to fire?

Well damn.

You guys work too hard. Allow me to demonstrate. *pours some ink on the ground in front of him*

*walks up to Macc, placing one foot in the ink*

Alright Black Dragon. *gets out a contract* All I need is a footprint on this piece of paper. *steps back a few steps and places the contract on the ground*

*steps towards Macc and places the foot with the ink on it on the contract*

*grabs the Contract* Thank you. Now, return to my HQ! *snaps his fingers*

??? *is sucked through a black hole and sent to Macc's HQ*

??? What just happened here?

Contracts. Never leave home without about 30 in your possesion.

Remind me to print some up.

Print some up.


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(Lufia - Boss)