*back at control HQ*

Well, now that that is finally done, I can retire my armor again.

I don't understand why you hang up your armor.

Yeah, you should be fighting with the rest of us.

What is there left to fight?

There is always evil around.

Yeah, but those tiny evil can be handled by even Ackbar.

*from a distance* Hey! I heard that!

Whatever Snackbar.

So you have no interests in fighting?

Only when I have to. I'll have a wife someday. By then my fighting spirits had better return.

I resent that comment. You think that women are the cause of men's struggles?

I never said that. I just said that I would get my fighting spirits back... if you know what I mean. ^_^

I know what you mean.

I don't.

Women tend not to understand.

Quiet you. *kicks Rulakir in the shin*

So what do you all plan on doing?

I have to stay here. If a great evil does arise again, I at least have my original powers to defend the place.

I guess that I am going to catch up on some lost time.

Why not stay at Control?

And do what? Dodge the Chief's souped up gadgets?


Not the life for me. I'm going in my own direction.

I am following him.


When you boys were just little, Orakia and I left with our mother.

She tried to raise us to be housewives.

We had the fighting spirit in us. We had to fight.

I wonder if you girls had any crazy adventures like Rulakir and I had in the past.

You kidding? Sis will have to tell them to you someday.

Yeah, I'll have to.

You ready, sis?

Yeah, I guess so.

What about Orakia?

Me? I have some catching up to do of my own. That is why I want to join Control.

You are? Do you think the chief will approve?

*walks in* The Chief has nothing against it.


You see, Control is about male bonding...

Chief. Orakia is female.

You see, Control is about family. And when family is together, we have...

Let me guess. More power?

You learn well, my son.

So, I can be in Control?

Well, you've proven to have more power than Orakio and myself. Sure, why not.

Yay! Now I can push around my little brother.

That's not very funny. If that is the case, I should go with Rulakir.

If you go, I will to.

Dammit. There is nothing like a big sister that wants to follow me around.

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(Golden Sun - Vale)