The Good Guys

Good guys still, but not as important as the main characters.

Name: Ali
Beyond Oasis
Profile: Ali hires Control Agents for help when the Platnium Monkey is stolen. He's a strong guy who's not afraid of a fight of his own.

Name: Sarah
The Mind of Orakio (where else?)
Profile: Sarah is the non-orakian mother of Crys. Not much else is known about her except that it was her and Earl that caused the birth of Crys. She hides away much for now, but she's still around... somewhere.

Name: Myau
Phantasy Star
Profile: Being too cute to just make a couple of episodes, Orakio adopted Myau as his pet cat. Being able to talk, Myau keeps Orakio and anyone else company. Though she can be loud at times, Myau is still a cute kitty cat.

Name: Sandor
Sandor is the newly crowned King of Lorath. When Sadoul came around and teamed up with Dr. Evil and Dr. Wily, Sandor showed up to give Orakio a hand with them. Sandor also aids Orakio and Control whenever they ask for it, lately holding down Anja until Orakio and company could get to Lorath.

Name: Stary
Friend of Chris-chris & Orakio
Stary usually shows up once in a while at Control just to hang out with her friends. She doesn't fight for control, but Chrissy says that the two of them used to have practice matches. Stary still hangs around, waiting for the opportunity to pounce Chrissy.

Name: Stare
The Mind of Orakio
Stare was born shortly after Anja's defeat, though nobody even knew that his mother, Jessica, was even pregnant. Not much is known about the boy yet, but needless to say he'll grow up to be quite strong.

Name: Starbird
The Mind of Starbird
Profile: Starbird is sole credited with inventing the Time Machine and being able to forge weapons with the power of time itself. Not only is this guy a genius, he's also quite powerful. His recurring nightmare is about the day he turned Zak into a monster. Realizing that it was his mistakes that caused the Dark Entity to live, he sacrifices himself to help Control escape the Final Form of the Dark Entity and regroup. However, the sacrifice did not kill this guy, but left him critically wounded on the ground below the Dark Entity. It was luck that a girl named Thea was wandering around at the time looking for flowers. Nursed back to health, Starbird continues to invent items that will change the world and aid Control in their fight.

Name: Thea
Origin: The Mind of Starbird
Profile: Thea, a smart, flower-loving girl in her own right, is the sole woman who saved Starbird from death after the attack on the Dark Entity. After nursing him back to health, Thea has grown to love Starbird. Not much is known about her except the fact that Starbird now protects her with his life.

Name: Sari
Origin: The Mind of Starbird
Profile: Sari was the girlfriend of Lano before Lano was murdered at the hands of her master, Rulakir. This strong-willed Orakian suddenly disappeared soon after, not knowing what she's going to do without Lano. What has happened to her is not known.

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