*help eventually arrives... in an unexpected form*

I'm not too late to help am I?

Or am I?

What are these women doing here?

I agree. This is men's work. *grunts*

Finally, we agree on something here.

Guys. Stop it.

Don't worry about it.

Takes more that that to stop me.

*enters* Ok... why was I called here?

Who are you?

I am Daemoness.

Hey there!

*flies in* What seems to be the problem?

*enters* Yeah. I heard there was trouble.

Weiila I know, but...

I'm Moon Beam Girl.

Ok, why did RPGC give us all women?

Because Chief Tim sent them on that trip to T-Isle.

Oh yeah. That is right.

*On T-Isle*

Alright suckas'. Get ready for a valuable Mr. T lesson.

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Ok, foo'! Drop and give me 50.

50 what?

*from out of nowhere... you guessed it*


One! Now give me 49 more!

I think one will be enough.

*points and laughs* Hahahahahaha!

Not very funny!

Yeah sucka! You know what you can do?

Not a clue.

You can stop acting like a damn ass all of the time.

*points and laughs... don't ask*


Yeah, now shut up foo' and pay attention.

Any idea why none of the girls are here?

T-Isle doesn't admit women, foo'.

Ah, just like Augusta.

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