*gets up* Where am I? *walks around* I seem to be alright.

Voice: Follow the past.


Voice: Do not repeat the same mistakes. Follow the past.

Sir. If we don't get out of here in time, this whole place is going to blow.


Giara is about to crash into us! We've got to run!

(this place looks somehow familiar). Giara?

Follow me sir.

Palma! *follows the guard onto one of the spaceships*

*the fleet of ships escape just before the planet Palma blows up.*

*onboard the ship*

What is this ship?

This is the giant space ship the Alisa III.

What about Giara? I remember reports that people were on board.

I assume that anyone on board died.



I remember hearing on the police report that a friend of mine was charged with destroying the Mother Brain.

Oh yes, the wanted man who destroyed Climate Control. Well, we don't have to worry about him anymore now, do we?


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(Phantasy Star III - Satellite)