*back in reality*


Wake up you bone head!


Uh oh. I've got to get back.

He'll come around. That was a strong spell they put on him.

Yeah, you ain't kidding.

By the way, I heard that a bunch of animals were having some sort of party with human sacrifices.

That must be the guys that took the 3 girls.

3? I heard 6.

Great. That means...

They got our group.

*starts to wake up* Ugh...

Orak! You're alive!

Barely. I feel weaker than a wet noodle.

Hey, I'll tell the jokes around here.

Orakio, we haven't got much time.

Chief Al? Why?

A new evil has arisen. They might be more than you can handle.

Right now, yeah.

Listen, all you have to do is go in, get the girls, and get out.

Who is in?

Orakian, Faetan, Weiila, Dragonessa, Daemoness, and Moon Beam Girl.

Looks like RPGC sent us some new faces for control to use.

We must hurry.

*gets up* Alright... I'll go. Just let me get my armor.

Do you think he is at full power?

Doesn't matter.

He just has to get in and out and fast.

In and out fast. Sounds like making love to my wife.


*reenters* Alright, I'm ready. Let's rock.

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(Final Fantasy VII - Interrupted by Fireworks)