*back at Control HQ*

... and then Orak shows up.

We owe him our lives again.

*enters* Nah, you owe me nothing.


Well, ok. Maybe a huggle. ^_^

Ok! *huggles Orakio*

We need to get our guys back from T-Isle soon. FOWL could attack at any time.

Any idea how we are going to defeat them?

I don't know.

It seems that the best way to damage animals is to attack like an animal.

... what?

I know what you're saying. But we have to develop a strategy.

Well, why you guys do that, I'll be leaving now.

Where do you think you're going?

This is something I have to take care of.

I cannot let you leave.

If you don't, then I'll just have to quit. Trust me, I need to do this.

Orakio. This isn't the best time.

Orakia. The only way I'm gonna find myself is if I do this. Please, you've got to understand.



... Alright, go. But come back safe.

*nods* Good luck everyone.

Good luck Orak.

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