Anyways, to answer my question, how long has it been since Orakio left?

I'm still not sure.

About a month.

What makes you so sure?

When you retire a good job to start selling shoes again, you just know.

Why are you still here then?

Since Chief Tim sucks, I figured that I might as well stay and help out against FOWL.

I do NOT suck!

Do too!

Do not!

Do too!

Do not!

Your mother's a cow!

Your mother sells shoes!

Hey man, now that hurt.

God, why don't you two grow up?


Psh! Alright then.

Any idea when Orak will be back?

He'll be gone a while. Let's just hope our forces can hold them off some more.

What forces? I'm still the only one left here.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Mr. T's camp.

Sending our troops to be in Mr. T's camp. What kind of chief are you?

One who thinks his men need more training.

Yeah, well your father's a drunken bum!

Well your father's a shoe salesman!

Will you two knock it off?


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(Breath of Fire - Romero)