*a ways away from Control*

Phew. I've walked quite a ways. I think this is the town where Starbird is. But where is he? I guess I'll ask around town.

*walks by*

*excuse me.*


Is this the town in which a man named Starbird lives?

Who wants to know?

I am Chief Tim of Control. We are in need of his help.

Hmm. Control eh?


Head straight down the street and enter the last house on the left. That is his home.

Thank you. *walks towards the house*

What does Control want?

*enters the house* Starbird?

Who wants to know?

Wait a second. Didn't I just see you down the road? *looks outside*

*waves from a distance*

*looks inside*


Ok. This is confusing.

Hahaha. I don't blame you. That is me, and me is me.


It is rather confusing. But what happened is that I went ahead in time, and in about an hour, I go back in time to this exact minute and I stand down the road.

... huh?

Nevermind. I am Starbird, nice to meet you.

Ah, so you are Starbird.

Yes indeed. I am the inventor of the Time Machine. *rolls up his sleeve and shows a watch* This little thing can move me forward and backwards into time.

Yeah right. Prove it.

*turns a dial on his watch* In exactly 30 seconds, I'll disappear and reappear within a minute. The clock on the wall will be exactly 1 minute faster than mine. *disappears*

*waits a minute* Oooooooooooooooo....kay.

*reappears* There *shows Tim the watch* exactly a minute.

I'll be damned. It actually works.

So, what did you need me for?

You know about the new evil group named FOWL?

Yup. I've heard of them.

Only time can destroy them. And a man named Rune told us to find you.

Rune eh? How is that fart doing?

Uh... he sacrificed himself to save the rest of us.


What can you do for us?

I have a bit of a new device in the works. The Sword of Ages I call it.

What does it do?

It is suppost to age whatever it touches. Making it old and weak.

Wow. We could use something like that.

Only thing is, I started making it so that it would fit Orakio's hand. Only he can use it.

That sucks. He's gone helping an old friend of his.

Yeah, he called and told me.

Anyways, will you help us?

Give me a few days and I'll be over to give you the sword.

Thanks. I'll be heading back now. *walks away*

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