Matri! *pounds his fist on the ground*

Uh. What is that suppost to do?

Just watch.

*walks in*

What the hell is this?

The worst enemy to a man's time. A wife.

*looks at the females*

*grins at the males*


Now why didn't I think of this?

*nuzzles the male Tiger*

*runs away and jumps off a nearby cliff*

*follows behind, smiling*

*winks at the male*

*runs into a nearby lake and drowns himself*

*cries and jumps off the cliff*

*pecks at the male*

*hides his head in protection*

*pecks again in a nagging manner*

*decides to jump off that cliff as well*

*follows it*

... ok. Why won't this work on my wife?

Are you saying that all women are as bad as this?

No... *is silent for a moment* a select few maybe. Nobody I know though.

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