You gave him the Time Machine?!

No, I actually gave him my wristwatch. I had the time parts installed into my glasses.

How did you know to come here?

I went forward into the future. I saw this battle and that the girls got destroyed by these beats. I decided to come here and stop it.

But now what do we do? Zak has the girls hostage.

I assume that we go after them.

How? We can't destroy Zak.

Speaking of Zak, how do you know him?

He used to be a human, and he used to be my best friend... *sigh* During one of my experiments trying to create a new softdrink, he tried it out and it resulted in him turning into the beast you see before you.

So you caused this?

Sadly, yes. I then tried to develop a Time Machine to reverse this and stop it from happening.

So what happened?

I went back and stopped him from drinking it. But a man named Tsarkon got ahold of it.

Tsarkon? Him again?

Needless to say, his power became far superior than anybody else's. Even the power of the Orakians couldn't stop him. He would have destroyed the world.

So it was the lesser of two evils?

Yeah. I want to destroy the Time Machine, but something needs to be done first.

What is that?

I have to get Zak back. The Zak I once knew.

And that will end all of this?

It will stop FOWL.

What is this about a sword?

The Sword of Ages? I originally started crafting a sword long ago. I wanted it to fit my hand... but.

What happened?

Orakio, being the fool, took and grabbed my mold for the handle. It hardened and it fit his hand instead of mine.

Figures. What does this sword do?

Only Time can stop animals. This sword is infused with the power of time. With one hit, it will age you until you eventually die.

Couldn't you just give Zak a wife?

I want to save him, not kill him.


Zak's fortress is heavily fortified. I can't get in myself.

Then you know who we need.


*To be continued... in Get Wise 13*

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