*back at... uh... Control*

You girls alright?


I'm a bit dizzy though. I was upside down for so long.

How is the contruction coming along?

The new Control is being built right over the old one.

But this time, we are using strong metals.

You'll never let me live that down, will you.

I'd hate to say this guys... but...

The Dark Entity now controls FOWL. They will be stronger.

We need more Control members.

Sign me up.

Me too... at least until the Dark Entity is destroyed.

Our funds can't hire many people though. Nor can our supplies last much longer.

How many do you think we can take?

... one.

What about all the members at T-Isle?


*at T-Isle*

You suckas! You sunk my island!


That's it. No more nuking!


I hope ya guys know how to swim! Because it's a long way back to land, foo'.


*back at Control*

Well, people of RPGC! Get the word out. Control is hiring!

*What will happen next? Will the Dark Entity rule over the fantasy world as he promised? Or will our caped crusader and Control put a stop to him? You won't want to miss our next episode. Same Orak time, Same Orak channel.

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