*our heroes grab the Graphite*

That was easy enough.

*the ground begins to shake*


It's like deja vu all over again.

*emerges grom the ground* Grrrrr.

*emerges grom the ground* Grrrrr.

Holy Cow!

They're Guarding the Graphite?

No, we were sent by the Dark Entity to attack you three. I'm Skipper, that's Gilligan.



*thud* Can you make our enemies just a bit more stupider Orak? Say around your level of IQ?

Is that an insult?

Sounded like one to me, Orsakio.

That's Orakio!

Doesn't matter. We will destroy you.

You say indeed and I will have to hurt you.


That's it! *takes out the Sword of Ages and slashes Gilligan. The blade of the Sword of Ages snaps* What the...???

The Sword of Ages... it broke.

Uh oh.

Damn Raconia.


*punches Gilligan in the face* Ow!!!

Have any ideas?

Yeah, run while we still have the Graphite.

I'm not running.

You are really dumb. You stand no chance against them with no sword.

I agree. We need to get out.

You two get out. I'm gonna fight.

No you're not. *grabs Orak by the gut* I've almost lost one friend, I'm not gonna lose you.

Put me down you overgrown lizard!

*grabs Taiyaki with the other arm* We're going. *flies away with the Graphite*

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(Donkey Kong Country 2 - Boss)