*somewhere in the northern snowfields*

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's cold up here.

Ha ha! I'm glad I got long sleaves on.

... I hate you. You know that don't you?

Ok you two, stop bickering. The sooner we find the Ice Ape, the sooner we can go home.

Well can we at least use some fire to warm up?

Fine. *raises her hand to the ground* Fo....

FIRE! *creates a small bonfire*

Yay! *huddles around the bonfire*

Do you still hate me, Val?

In a word, yes, but this makes up for you wearing long sleaves in the snowfield.

...ok, that wasn't very nice of you, Wizardmaster.


Because I wanted to start the fire.

Ah, I'm sure you've been starting fires since the day you were born.

... What the hell is that suppost to mean? You calling me a fire starter?

... No.

Oh boy.

She's getting mad now.

How dare you call me a fire starter!!! *hair starts to turn red*

Calm down Orakia! Here, have a cookie. *gives Orakia a cookie*

*hair color returns to normal* Oh! Is it peanut butter?

Sure is.

Joy! *eats the cookie*

I owe you one, MBG.

Yes you do.

*stands behind MoonBeamGirl*

Like right now. FLARE! *shoots a huge burst of fire behind MBG*

*is hit by the fire* Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Whoa. This thing is the Ice Ape?


Not one bit.

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(Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Ice Cap Remix)