Grrrr... I am King Nole!


I thought you guarded your treasures?

What do you think Gold Bond is?

Why would you need foot powder?

Look at these boots. I've been in these boots for 1000 years and they BURN!!!

That's not all that's gonna burn. *shoots at King Nole*

*the bullets bounce off his armor* Do you have a deathwish? Prepare to meet your doom. *readies his axe*

Just bring it! *runs at King Nole with his sword*

*makes a slashing motion with his axe, which shoots a beam of energy at D Galloway*

*is hit by the energy* Ow! *continues to run anyway*

*slashes D Galloway with his axe*

*is sent back to the wall* .... ow.

Oh gee. *flies over to D Galloway* Cure3! *heals D Galloway*

*continues to shoot King Nole* Die!

I don't think your bullets are gonna do much good against him.

They aren't.

Dragon Sword, don't fail me now. *runs towards King Nole and procedes to slash him many times*

Grrrrrr... You'll pay for that. *slashes at Chris-Chris*

*jumps over the slash and slashes King Nole across the head*

You're only human, how can you damage an immortal like this?

Because I'm only half human.

Mmmmm. Most interesting. *reaches into his pocket and grabs the Gold Bond* You're a very impressive fighter, you have won my treasure.

*jaw drop*

Thank you. Hehehe.

What in the blue hell?

Let it go guys.

We will meet again, Half-Dragon. *disappears*

Everybody, head back to control. We have what we need.

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(Illusion of Gaia - Boss)