*after the tryouts*

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Boys and girls...

Children of all ages.

... just get to the point chief!

Right chief!

He was talking to you!


Alright already. No need to be pushy. Got a wife home that does that enough.

I want to thank you all for trying out.

Regretfully though, we can only take one of you.

Though we were impressed by each of you.

*scoffs* I wasn't.

Shut up, Rulakir.

Anyways, will each of the 3 leaders come and name their picks for the final round.

*stands up* My pick wasn't an easy one. I had 3 very acceptional fighters with me, Wizardmaster, Valkyrie Esker, and MoonBeamGirl. A rather difficult choice, but my vote went to Valkyrie Esker.

Congradulations Val.

Thanks, chief.

*whispers to Al* Powerful fighter.

*steps up* Equally, my choice was rather difficult. I had 4 to work with. PC Glenton, D Galloway, Chris-Chris, and Weiila. All four of them did their jobs when we ran into trouble, but my vote has to go to Chris-Chris, due to her unique fighting style, and her ability to transform into a dragon... which I've yet to see.

Good job, Chris.

I moved on? Yay! *jumps for joy*

*whispers to Tim* Kid's got spunk.

*stands up* My choice wasn't that hard at all. I had one guy do all the work while two Cronos took and beat up on each other.


Seraphim Ephyon gets my vote.

Way to go, Seraphim.

*nods quietly*

*whispers to Al* He seems a little "dark" if you ask me.

Dark? He looks white to me.

*thud* Anyways, to the rest of you, I thank you all for trying out. If we had the funds, all of you would be in.

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(Breath of Fire - Tunlan)