*at the Copacabana... or someplace like that*

That was too close a call.

Yeah. Who's idea was it to make the 3 finalist fight this as their final?

Rulakir's. *sips on a glass of Moxie*

Well, you saw the fight, I didn't. Who do you think we should take?

Well, Seraphim Ephyon is a powerful fighter, I'll give him that. But the thing is, his dark magic won't help us a lot against the Dark Entity.

Neither will the magic of Rulakir and Rulakia.

Why do you think they left this morning?

I dunno.

Valkyrie Esker is a heart filled fighter in herself. Powerful too, she can probably do things with that spear that...

Whoa whoa whoa Orak. I don't need to know.

You are indeed a sick man chief.

What about Chris?

She's an excellent fighter herself. She also has a chipper attitude.


I believe she has some untapped power somewhere, and if she could just turn into a full dragon, she might be a deadly force.

Hmmm. You been listening, Tim?

Yes. To every word.

My vote doesn't matter. You two debate it. *leaves with his glass of Moxie* At the Copa, Copacabana...

What do you think then?

I'd say Chris, but she's just too young.


Age is a big factor in Control.

How old was Crys when he first came on?

About 13, but look what happened to him. He was possessed, what he not before he died?

Yeah. I know.

And if she can turn into a Dragon, the Dark Entity might want to use her.

I know that too, but if we hire her, I think I can hire somebody to train her to defend herself from possession.

Well, I guess that would be ok. Val I think would make another good choice as well.

We can always keep her on call if need be... you know, the runner up clause in the contract?

Contract? Macc was here?

No. He would have made it so that we didn't pay them. Dammit, get him on the phone!

Nevermind. Chris has my vote.

Good, get her here.

*minutes later*

You wanted to see me?

Yes. After much debate, we've decided to hire you.

Me? Me? Me as in me?


Yippie!!! *jumps for joy*

But, there is one thing.

What's that?

We feel that you need training. If you really can transform into a dragon, the Dark Entity may want you.


We've picked somebody to train you.


Oh Oraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakioooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

*You know the drill by now. Thus ends another exciting adventure of Get Wise.*

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(Barry Manilow - Copacabana)