*somewhere in a dark corner*

*sits at a table, looking at a lonely cupcake on a small plate* This is great. I turn 18 only once in my life and nobody remembers.

Try not to worry about it. You kow I remember it.

That is because I had to remind you.

Uh... no you didn't. *shifts eyes back and forth*

Bah. Just leave me be.

What's wrong, brother?

... just GO!

... fine. *leaves*

*in a shakespearian tone* Many years now I have been fighting the darkness, only now to be on the verge of being consumed by it. *looks out the window* I've fought, but what for? The world doesn't even know that it has come close to being destroyed numberous times. Not once has anybody thanked me for risking my life, day in and day out. *turns back into the room* I wish there was something in this world that was worth fighting for.

*opens the door and turns on the light* Orakio?

*hangs head* ...

What are you doing here?


Have you forgotten what today is?

No... *in a low voice* I haven't forgotten.

Good, then when do you want to start training?

Training? Oh shoot, I guess I have forgotten.

Are you alright Orak?

*goes towards his bed* I'm not feeling well today. Do you mind if we not train today?

Awwww... what's wrong? *comes closer*

*lays down and rolls over, his back facing Chrissy* Nothing. I'm just not feeling well.

Awwww... *gives Orakio a quick hug behind his back* Just relax. I can do without training today.

... thanks.

I'll leave you alone now. *exits the room and shuts off the light*

...Nothing. Nothing worth fighting for.

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(Final Fantasy VI - Gau's Theme)