You see what you and your idiotic inventions have done now?

Shut up, Zak.

Nothing but trouble. I say we get the Time Machine, go back, fix your mistakes, then destroy the damned thing.

The thought had crossed my mind.

Well none the less, how do we get into that thing?

What thing?

*points up* That!

The Air Castle.

Once the home of the Orakian King. The walls are inpenitrable.

How do you know this?


Before you guys decide to go, remember that I hired a Mercanary to help you out on this mission.

How will we know it when we see it?

Well, it's big, it's black. You run when you see it, else you're gonna go Helluva far.

Mr. T?

I've said too much already.

... ok.

Listen, your job is to go in there, get the Time Machine, and get the hell out of there. If I find Orakio, I'll send him up there.


*starts to flap his wings* It's going to be tough. I hope you're ready for this Chrissy.

*smiles* I'm as ready as I'm going to be.

Ok. *grabs Starbird* I can only take one at a time, so I'll be back for you two.

No need. *takes a stone out of her pocket and starts to glow*


*stops glowing and appears with wings* Are you ready?

How did you do that?

You forget easily? I am a hald dragon you know.

Yeah. I guess you are.

*picks up Orakia* I'm ready. *flies to the Air Castle*

So am I. Let's go. *flies to the Air Castle*

*looks at them fly away* Good luck guys.

*enters* Hey, where are they going?

To the Air Castle.

Ah dammit Toolman, you couldn't wait a few minutes for me to give them my latest creation?

Please, no more Shoo Soup.

This isn't Shoo Soup you wrench-head. This is just a Sandwich.

Hmmm. I see no harm in a Sandwich. Let me try it.

Uh... *hands him the sandwich*

*bites into the sandwich* What?

Nothing. *rolls his eyes and walks away*

*stops for a second, then spits the sandwich out.* What the? SAND? BUNDY!!!

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(Phantasy Star - Cave Arranged)