*in the sky surrounding the Air Castle*

*flying* I hope we can save them.

Well, I can break them out easy enough, it's just gonna be hard getting that Time Machine back.

What about Orakio?

... Listen, my orders were to get you in, out, and get the Time Machine.


I'm sorry, but those were my orders. Forgive me ma'am.


Listen, once I free you guys, get out. I'm gonna get the Time Machine myself.

What makes you better than the rest of us?

Well, the Chief said you lack experience.


That and I'm the only one fast enough to be able to catch up to the speed of the Dark Entity, which is pretty great providing that he now has the power of the one you call Orakio.

Promise you won't hurt Orakio.


Promise me!

I promise I won't hurt him. I don't think the other Mercanary will be as kind.

Mr. T will listen to me.

What makes you think it is Mr. T?

Well, the chief said that he was big, black, you run when you see him, and he can send one helluva far.

Hmmm... I don't think you want to disturb the concentration of someone powerful enough to destroy the entire Air Castle.

I've got to try.

Whatever. *looks ahead at the castle wall* I'm going in, traditional Sparkster fashion. *speeds up*

Hey! Wait up!

*gains more speed and crashes through the wall*

What the?

Ah good, it looks like I found you.

A Rocket Knight?

*flies in* Boy you sure go fast.

Listen, we only have 30 minutes left. *charges up his rocket pack*

We still need the Time Machine.

*crashes through another wall*

We still need to get Orakio!

I told you not to worry about him. Now c'mon. My pack isn't going to charge for a little while, so I need your help to get to the Throne Room.

Why the Throne Room?

That is where all bad guys hide.

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(Final Fantasy VI - Unforgiven)