That's Sparkster to you!

No matter. It's just you, and me... and Gilligan and Skipper!

*stomps in* Roar!

*stomps in* Boo!

*checks his watch* 2 Minutes. Ok, I can hold that long.

*goest to attack Sparkster*

*releases his charge and flies towards Skipper*

What the?

*hits Skipper, then bounces over and hits Gilligan*

Oh no!

*hits Gilligan and then bounces over to the Dark... uh... Orakio*

*holds his sword in one hand, and Time Machine in the other* Just bring it!

*flies towards... uh... Orakio and grabs the Time Machine from his hand* Sucker! *flies through the wall and out of the Air Castle*

Nooooooooooooo! Gilligan, Skipper! Get him.

That's a long drop.

Gah! *points his hand at Sparkster* No matter. Rocket boy won't survive this fall. MEGID! *is engulfed in flames before shooting a huge blast of fire at Sparkster*

*the fire hits the rocket pack, causing it to malfunction* Uh oh. *dives downward*

Well, looks like I won't be able to kill the Orakians afterall. But I can still easily rule the world.

*continues to fall* It's time.

*an Airship comes in and hovers over the Air Castle*

What's that noise? *looks up*

*the Airship drops it's Mercanary into the Air Castle, which crashes through the ceiling and into the Throne Room*

What was that?

What dat?

Uh oh.

Zeeky Boogy Doog!



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(Phantasy Star - Lassic's Battle Arranged)