*meanwhile, somewhere near the crash site of the Air Castle*

*gets up* Uh.... Man. What happened? *looks at the wreckage* The Air Castle? Destroyed?

*voice* Yes... my precious Air Castle destroyed.

Knock it off! I don't know how you possessed me before, but it won't happen again.

*voice* You don't have to worry about that, kid.

And why is that?

*steps out from behind a rock*

What the?

*laughs* Control thinks they've destroyed me. Hahahaha. Little do they know what is going to happen to them next.

How... in the world?

It seems your powers I borrowed from you gave me this form perminantly.

Does that mean...?

No... you still have your powers. Do you think I'd let you live this long if you didn't.

Then all you have is your own powers.

Bingo. I just had your powers long enough to give me this form.

*readies his sword* Then I can kill you right here.

You could... but why would I want that? Bye. *disappears*

... I have to get back to Control. Fast... before he impersonates me.

*Plot Twists gallore in this exciting episode of Get Wise.*

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